Activista SA regional engagement – Activista SA focal person Mbuso Ice Ngubane attended and supported the Youth Summit in Ghana as well as an Activista Conference on Zimbabwe. Mbuso Ice Ngubane shares some of his experience in attending the two conferences.

“Having an opportunity to attend These two very different key events together did a great job of framing the answer to the role that young people can play in Africa’s development today, this provided me with a understanding about Activista’s work in other countries, being at once provocative, political and practical.

They also each individually gave me something tangible as well as intellectual to take back to the teams in which I work with – the ideas around communicating with diverse audiences on line and offline during the event prompted discussion around the value of young people’s power and creative contribution into the future of the continent as a key to ending poverty and addressing rapid unemployment, inequality that exist today. I learned that our Activism as young people are crucial as it is very much contested space. We should also have to have a courage of conviction in the work that we do with communities.” Mbuso Ice Ngubane