You are hereby invited to attend a Youth Day Speak Out in Bonteheuwel on June 16. With the flare up of Violence in the Cape Flats we are in a war zone. 1875 deaths in the last 6 months, 14 people killed in over one weekend has become the norm. Our schools are becoming battle grounds for gangs and its becoming dangerous to even go to school. These are just some of the issues the girls will engage in on June 16.
Action Aid South Africa, The Justice Desk together with its partners in Cape Town the Joint Peace Forum in Bonteheuwel and womxn for Change in Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain has embarked on a project called I DEFINE ME. The project focuses on young womxn between the ages of 15 and 21 who is affected by violence in the communities.
This project enables communities to learn how young womxn can contribute to creating alternatives in society which challenge the normalization of violence embedded in a gang infested Cape Flats.
Achieving a shift in the dynamics which drive gang culture and its impact on girls requires long term capacity building among girls themselves as well as community members partly to engage more effectively with local government and other services, as well as supporting them to build alternatives to gang membership
The “I Define Me!” Youth Day event is central in creating an alternative for young women’s identification with the abnormality of violence on the Cape Flats and the subsequent infrastructural infestation in families. The Youth Day event focuses on how various sectors such as Health, Police Services and Education can assist in providing sustainable methods through schools, primary health care facilities and other community centered initiatives for young womxn to excel within the opportunities that these departments strategically provide.

The girls in the project will engage with the SAPS, the Health Department as well as the Department of Education. This is the first of its kind for these communities.

The event particulars are as follows:

Event: I Define Me Youth Day Celebration!
Venue: Bonteheuwel Senior Secondary School Hall
Date: 16 June 2019
Time: 1 pm
Yours faithfully
Ms Judy Kennedy
Project Manager
Contact number 0794931233