Christina comes from a family of 6, where here mom is the only breadwinner, earning way below the minimum wage. Her mom is unable to buy “luxuries” such as sanitary towels, forcing Christina to use socks or tissues instead
AASA, together with various partners, managed to raise funds to purchase and distribute over 1,500 sanitary towels to high school teenagers in the area.

Girls Clubs were also launched, teaching girls about how to handle menstruation in a healthy way. These projects are ensuring that girls do not miss school, as well as suffer confidence and health issues.

“It has not been easy to obtain all that is necessary for a young female like me to go about comfortably. Only my mother is the breadwinner and works for the school feeding scheme, so it becomes very difficult to meet all our family needs.”

In South Africa, an estimated 7 million girls between the age of 13 and 19 miss up to a week of school every month because of a lack of sanitary products