Empowering girls with personal development and relationship building skills in communities facing extreme poverty and violence
Thandi* lives in a community where gangsterism, addiction, poverty, poor health, suicide, trauma, high unemployment, emotional and physical abuse, as well as hopelessness are becoming the norm. AASA works to address these issues through projects like I Define ME.
When Thandi* first joined our project, it transpired that she had been sexually assaulted in grade 2 and that she had been suppressing the memory and acting out violently as a result of the trauma.
Our faciliators immediately arranged counselling sessions for her, after which she has been doing much better. Her peers have even selected her as a group leader.
We crently work with 95 young girls, womxn and parents affected by gangsterism and violence in Cape communities on a weekly basis.
I am comfortable with my body and have found myself” Thandi*, 15