Campaign goals and vision

Our overarching vision and goals were defined during the Global Campaign Strategising meeting in April 2018. The vision and goals are intentionally broad, and intended to capture all the elements of the campaign that we aim to deliver both collectively and individually:

We agreed that the campaign on Women’s Labour, Decent Work and Public Services, will pursue the following:

Building collective power and voice

We will foreground intersectional feminist principles and build cross-movement solidarity with accountability. We will build the power and voice of womxn, queer-identifying people, young people and support and advance feminist alternatives. We will work with young/womxn workers’ networks and young/women’s organisations so women’s agency, leadership and participation transforms regressive policies and practices.

Challenge neoliberalism

We will intervene in different arenas that serve as vehicles of neoliberalism such as the IMF/World Bank and we will defend progressive spaces such as the UNHRC, the ILO.

We will work with feminist economists and progressive organisations to popularize feminist critiques of neoliberal economic policies and advance feminist, just and sustainable alternatives.

Advocate for progressive policies at all levels

We will advocate for economic and social policies that advance rights, redistribution and resilience. We will advocate for the expansion of fiscal space, progressive tax systems, and challenge privatization and its impacts. We will defend women’s and young people’s economic, social and cultural rights, including their right to social protection, including public services