Young people from Across the nation came together and raised important issues in our communities. 2018 indeed ended on a high note to Activista SA.
We have witnessed womxn rights promoted to the core, empowerment of communities and solidarity within different stakeholders that came together to make campaigns against any human rights violations. As Activista SA we look forward for 2019 and geared up in many directions. Despite challenges of more resources to expand and solidify our Activista nation wide we will continue working had to empower young people to be vibrant leaders in their communities and the nation at large.
As we have been exposed to Training for Change Tools through one of our volunteers that attained some tools at Global Platforms, we look forward to empowering our young people and create a wave of Change in 2019. A lot of Gaps still have to be covered and we will not rest to we reach our full potential. We believe that young people are the main drivers of change today not tomorrow and we also believe that the change we want to see cannot be achieved without collective action.
In solidarity