Who we are

ActionAid South Africa was established in May 2006 and is a part of ActionAid International, an anti-poverty agency working with poor people in over 40 countries.

Why South Africa

South Africa is classified as a middle income country and it has a general recognition as a functional democracy; resulted in many historical donors prioritizing South Africa, while others have withdrawn completely. This has contributed to a deepening crisis for civil society with an alarming rate of organisational closures. Given our emphasis on civil society partnership, this growing trend poses an ongoing threat to our shared vision of a transformed post-apartheid South Africa. It is within this context that we started working towards the launch of a local “Regular Giving” fundraising programme, focused on informing the public about our work and encouraging them to support us on an ongoing basis.

While our freedom to associate and organize remains largely intact in South Africa, organisations in many other African countries have faced an active onslaught on their rights to operate freely. The regional dynamic is expected to impact negatively on our collective ability to advocate for our rights. This is an urgent matter that will need to be addressed in partnership with wider African civil society.

While our vision of a world free of poverty and marginalization is an ambitious one, and even though we face significant odds every single day, we believe that it is possible to achieve this when we work together.

– Fatima Shabodien Country Director ActionAid South Africa

Women’s and girls’ rights

Land and food rights

Children and education

Communities affected by mining

International advocacy