What if I want to get involved?

You can get involved with ActionAid South Africa in many ways:

Sponsor a child

What can you expect?

As soon as you sign up, we’ll send you a photo of the child you’re sponsoring and the story of their life so far. Then you’ll get two handwritten messages a year from your child, along with updates about how they’re getting on from our staff on the ground. And you can write back to them. You’ll get a new photo every two years, so you can watch your child grow up.

What are my obligations?

The only obligation you have when taking on a sponsorship is to make a minimum contribution which can be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually by debit order, credit card or cheque. If for any reason you are unable to continue with your sponsorship, it will be cancelled immediately, no questions asked.

May I contact my sponsored child?

Yes you may, through greeting cards and letters, sent via the ActionAid office.

Can I give extra money for special occasions or events?

Yes you can, subject to certain rules.

Can I visit my child?

This is unfortunately not possible, as the privacy of these children is very important to us. ActionAid does co-ordinate visits for donors and when this opportunity becomes available we will notify you.

What happens when my sponsored child leaves?

If your child leaves the care of ActionAid for any reason you will be informed immediately and a new sponsored child will be suggested. It is entirely your choice to follow this suggestion or decline. You also able to continue with your monthly donation without being linked to a specific child.

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