16 Nov ActionAid calls on governments to tackle inequality

ActionAid calls on governments to tackle inequality

ActionAid warned that the Sustainable Development Goals agreed upon in late September at the United Nations will not be met. Research has revealed that the 200 richest people in the world have more money than the combined wealth of all African countries. ActionAid’s Chief Executive, Adriano Campolina, said: “The Sustainable Development Goals are a step forward as they identify the causes of poverty, but unless we change the rules that govern the global system, the same players will keep

winning. We need to build a more just future for all people and the planet where it’s no longer just money that talks and the gaps in society are narrower.”

Campolina added: “We need to make sure that people living in poverty around the world benefit from these new development goals. Massive corporate investments alone will not guarantee a reduction in poverty and inequality.

Governments must change the rules of the game and stop looking to the corporate sector for all the answers. We urgently need to address inequality if these new development goals are to stand a chance of succeeding in the next 15 years.”

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